3 Things to Do If Injured in a Psychiatric Hospital

3 Things to Do If Injured in a Psychiatric Hospital

When a loved one is injured or dies in a psychiatric hospital, the conclusion drawn by the family is to blame the staff or owner. Although that is a natural assumption, it is not always the case. However, the ultimate responsibility for your loved one’s safety rests with the hospital. There are circumstances of shared responsibility, particularly when there are faulty medical devices, equipment, or pharmaceuticals. Still, when otherwise healthy patients are injured or die in care, it is frequently due to negligence.

#1 Documentation

You can begin to assist with the documentation process for your personal injury attorney by writing down or journalizing the details and circumstances of the event as soon as possible after notification. This type of chronicling of events should ONLY be done AFTER consultation with a lawyer.    

#2 Witnesses

Make no mistake, GreeningLaw will conduct a thorough investigation into the events of the injury or death of your loved one. You can assist in the investigation by noting any conversation overheard or discussions you recall that may help pinpoint the actually cause.

Oftentimes the blame can only be assigned after getting statements from witnesses. The persons actually to blame for the injuries could be from the staff, another patient, or self-inflicted, the only way to find out as many details as possible is to speak with the people present at the time of the incident.  

The psychiatric hospital like any other health care facility has a responsibility known as “Duty of Care” to its residents. That means the hospital is responsible for ensuring that its patients are not molested, neglected, or abused by other patients, contractors, or the staff of the hospital. The psychiatric hospital is responsible for making sure nurses, technicians, and staff are fully trained in every aspect of their responsibilities. Furthermore, the hospital is responsible for ensuring they hire enough personnel to safeguard and care for the residents so that no neglect of its residents occurs. Therefore, even in the case of self-inflicted injury or death, rape or abuse by other patients, staff, or vendors, the hospital bears the majority of blame through their duty of care responsibilities.

#3 Hire an Attorney

Often, patients in a psychiatric hospital are neglected, overmedicated, or not believed when they threaten self-harm. It is the responsibility of the care-givers to ensure they are protected from harm. Although others may share the blame for injury or wrongful death, the hospital owes the duty of care responsibility.

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