Are Red Light Traffic Cameras Really That Effective?

Are Red Light Traffic Cameras Really That Effective?

If you’ve ever been stuck with a traffic citation as a result of a red light traffic camera, you’ve probably wondered to yourself, just how effective are these red light traffic cameras anyway?

According to a recent study commissioned by the Chicago Tribune, not as effective as people may think. The study found that, while right-angle or “T-bone” crashes were reduced by 15 percent, rear-end accidents actually increased by 22 percent. The result? A five percent increase overall in the number of motor vehicle accidents occurred at intersections which had red light traffic cameras installed.

Additionally, the study found that, at intersections which had seen just a few traffic accidents causing injuries, the number of accidents increased after red light traffic cameras were installed. However, because of the small number of accidents in total, the study authors were not able to conclude that the installation of the red light traffic cameras were the cause of the increase.

The Chicago Tribune reports that these results are in alignment with research analysis conducted by the Federal Highway Administration back in 2005, which used the same methods used in the Tribune study to examine accident data at intersections with red light traffic cameras installed in seven major cities across the country. The federal study found a 16 percent decrease in right-angle accidents and a 24 percent increase in rear-end accidents as a result of the installation of red light traffic cameras.

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