Our Firm Handles Sexual Assault Litigation

Sexual predators are not always easy to recognize, and can often be someone you trust. You may also feel ashamed or embarrassed about what happened, or scared to come forward with what happened. Rest assured, Greening Law, P.C. has many years of experience dealing with these sensitive cases with care and compassion – while also making sure those at fault take responsibility.

Our firm has handled a variety of sexual abuse cases. Robert Greening has represented clients in high-profile litigation against the Roman Catholic Church for clergy sexual abuse, and those who have been victims of abuse by doctors, massage therapists, teachers, and others who have misused their positions of public trust. While civil prosecution cannot change what happened, it can make sure it never happens again.

Greening Law, P.C. stands ready to pursue individuals and organizations who have violated your trust or the trust of those unable to protect themselves against predators.