You have a right to work in a safe environment. If you’ve been injured, contact GreeningLaw, P.C. to handle your workplace litigation

At Greening Law, P.C., our philosophy is that every injury, every death, and every person matters. It doesn’t matter whether you’re expected to make a complete recovery or you’ll forever be missing an important family member or spouse – events took place that impacted your life in a negative way. That deserves more than just our devoted time and attention. it deserves legal responsibility and financial compensation for your suffering.

On the Job Injuries

You have a right to work in a safe environment, even if your job involves heavy equipment and machinery or is typically considered more hazardous. Proper safety protocols are something businesses are required by the State of Texas and the U.S. Federal Government to provide to all employees. This includes properly maintained buildings and equipment, air quality, exposure to hazardous materials, proper training, and more.

Accidents that occur on the job can result in serious injury or even death. GreeningLaw, P.C. has extensive experience in workplace litigation and has helped many victims and families receive compensation who were injured or killed by unsafe working conditions.

Please note that GreeningLaw, P.C. does not pursue workers compensation claims.

Construction Accidents

Cranes, saws, nail guns, giant steel beams, heavy equipment… Construction sites are dangerous places to work. However, they’re also subject to considerable laws and safety regulations in order to prevent injuries or accidents. Those developers and builders that fail to comply with those rules are absolutely responsible for injuries or harm resulting from those actions.

GreeningLaw, P.C. is committed to helping the victims of unsafe construction work sites through tough and aggressive litigation strategies including the maximum exposure of violators of OSHA standards and internal company policies.

Electrocution & Burns

Burns from electrocution or other causes are devastating injuries that require special attention to detail by the lawyer you choose. At GreeningLaw, P.C., we have litigated numerous cases involving burns where clients have been severely injured and others where clients have wrongfully died as a result of their injuries.

We work hand in hand with treating physicians and healthcare providers as much as possible to maximize the jury’s understanding of the unique aspect of burn injuries. Our case work involving burns usually include on the job accidents, electrocution incidents, car and commercial trucking accidents, welding accidents, faulty wiring, and construction site accidents.