Beware Of These Important Auto Recalls

Beware Of These Important Auto Recalls

In a mobile society, nearly everyone relies on some form of transportation to get from point A to point B. In cities with reliable public transportation, the chances of being in an auto accident are lower than in cities where most people drive their own cars. With so many motorists on the road it is important to have a safe car, and to stay on top of repairs and upkeep. This includes knowing when your car has a recalled part, or has a mechanical problem that needs to be addressed. Even when consumers take care to avoid accidents, they can still happen if the car has a manufacturing defect that has not been remedied. Below is a list of cars that have been recently recalled for various safety feature flaws, and if you own one of these or have been in an accident with one it is important that you contact a skilled personal injury attorney to learn your options.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a statement concerning recall of the following vehicles

            ● 2012-2014 Ford Fiesta

            ● 2013 Ford Fusions

            ● 2013 Lincoln MKZ

            ● Some 2014 Ford Fusion models and some 2014 Lincoln MKZ models

The problem is with the vehicles’ door latching systems. Apparently the doors on some of these cars do not close all the way. This leaves drivers and passengers open to an increased risk when in an accident, or in everyday use of the car. In situations where these cars are involved in accidents, the chances that the doors will open are great. This can result in being ejected from the vehicle, and thus a passenger or driver suffering severe injuries. Considering defects in the auto is just one component of a personal injury case. It is still necessary to take into account the actions of the other driver. Both of these things are possible avenues of recovery, and I can help you decide what is best for you.

If you have questions about what to do if your car is the subject of a safety recall, attorney Robert Greening has the answers.  Call a Dallas, Texas personal injury attorney today.