Defending Your Rights. Minimizing Your Risk.

We understand that your accident or death in the family has already caused enough of a burden in your life. Pursuing fair compensation shouldn’t become another source of stress. That’s why Greening Law, P.C. starts every case with a free consultation and only works on a contingency basis.

What is a contingency fee basis?

In the simplest terms it means you never pay us one cent for our services unless you receive payment or compensation for your case. If a person or company is found to be at fault for your personal injury or wrongful death case, our fees are billed as a percentage of your total settlement. This percentage is always determined at the outset of the case.

How do I request a free consultation?

Start by filling out the brief form above with your contact information and the basic details regarding your case. Greening Law, P.C. will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours to discuss possible outcomes and next steps.