Non-Citizens Have the Right to Compensation for an Injury

Non-Citizens Have the Right to Compensation for an Injury

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Who Are Non-citizens?

A non-citizen is a person who lives in the United States but is not a citizen of the United States. The person could be in the process of getting his or her green card or on the way to naturalization and becoming a citizen and being here legally. It could also mean a person who is an undocumented resident, or “illegal alien” (someone who lives in the United States without legal permission to do so).

Non-citizens Have the Right to Compensation

It is easy to worry that if you are not a U.S. Citizen that you may not be able to pursue compensation after you have been hurt at work or at home. If you are injured, and you were injured at work or in an accident, you can seek help today! You are covered under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, which took effect in 1868 and states that no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction “the equal protection of the laws”.

What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury case happens when you are hurt due to someone else’s negligence. This could be anything from an automobile accident to slipping or falling on someone’s property. It could also entail getting sick because you were exposed to dangerous substances or because someone did not do their job properly. You may also have a personal injury claim due to sexual abuse, faulty or dangerous product use, or an unsafe workplace.

When something like this happens, you may be eligible to make a personal injury claim. This means that you can file a lawsuit against the other person, business, or the government.

What to Do If You Think You Have a Personal Injury Claim

In preparation for a personal injury claim, make sure you document all the facts of your incident. It is important to have as much detail as possible about before, during, and after the incident. It is also beneficial to have an accurate timeline and a record of the facts. You should share these details with your lawyer when they assist you with filing the claim.

Compensation You May Receive

If you file a personal injury claim, and the court rules in your favor, you will be awarded compensation for damages. The types of compensation you can be awarded fall into three different categories: economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages.

Economic damages are usually the easiest to determine as they have a fixed monetary value. They are provided so that you can be restored to your normal state prior to the incident.

Non-economic damages are hard to quantify monetarily. They include the losses from pain and suffering, loss of companionship and past and future emotional stress and mental anguish.

Last, but not least, are punitive damages. They are rarely awarded in personal injury cases but may come up if the incident was malicious or very extreme. Usually, they are put in place to deter people from repeating the same incident in the future.

Are You Injured and a Noncitizen?

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