The Top Four Ways You Can Keep Your Kids Safe & Informed This Summer

The Top Four Ways You Can Keep Your Kids Safe & Informed This Summer

Summer can be a very challenging time for parents. School is out and the kids are psyched up for various fun activities. Families are also preparing for vacations, camping, and other outdoor adventures. Many summertime activities are incredibly involved and require intense supervision from parents as kids are potentially subjected to danger or harm. Due to this, parents always seek out how to keep their children safe during summer. Here are seven ways in which parents can keep their children safe as they have fun during summer.

Water safety. Water activities are the best way to cool off in the summer, but a lot of accidents happen at swimming pools every year. So far, 2016 has seen a drop in the number of drownings, totaling 64 according to help and hope. So, how can you prevent such accidents? Supervise children when in and out of the water to eliminate chances of water related accidents, provide children with swimming lessons, take a family focused CPR class so everyone is prepared, and advise kids to wear life jackets when in water.

Beat the heat and the sun. Temperatures skyrocket in the summer. Kids are the most vulnerable to heat conditions such as dehydration, exhaustion, and sunburns. Keep them cool to maintain their body temperature. Encourage them to take cool showers to cool their bodies. Limit their activities to mornings and evenings when the sun and temperatures are lower. Most importantly, keep your kids hydrated by encouraging them to drink more than the minimum 8 glasses a day.

Prevent injuries. Playgrounds and field sports are booming in the summer months. Even skateparks have seen an increase in the number of attendees. The least obvious prevention method is to submit concerns and repair requests to Parks and Recreation.  Obvious ways are to supervise small children on playgrounds, swings, stairs, and busy streets. Parents can also provide their kids with safety equipment like helmets, knee guards, and proper attire for whatever activity your kids may be partaking in. There’s no harm in talking with your kids about safety before they walk out the door and into their next summer adventure.

Teach kids about safety. Children must learn to take safety precautions wherever their heading. Talking to your kids about crossing streets properly, being aware of their surroundings, and understanding basic boat safety can significantly increase your children’s self-awareness while adventuring. Talk with your kids about safe zones within a neighborhood, park, or lake; Where they can and cannot hang out and play.

While these safety tips for summer may be obvious to some, to many these important tips can be easily forgotten while in the middle of having a great time. Keep your kids and family informed this summer about everything going on around them and how to help others who are in need. Stay tuned throughout the summer for more tips and focus talks on ways to keep safe. In the meantime, if you or a family member have been injured in an accident due to the negligence of another and seek assistance from a personal injury attorney, call our offices and schedule a free consultation.

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