Truck that Struck Bridge Did Not Have Proper License

Truck that Struck Bridge Did Not Have Proper License

Truck that Struck Bridge Did Not Have Proper License 1We have written previously about the devastating Central Texas truck accident in which a driver collided with an overhead beam on an Interstate 35 bridge. The collision left one man dead and three others, including the trucker, with injuries. The incident apparently occurred because the trucker’s load, a cherry picker on a flatbed, was too tall for the overpass. Warning signs in the area list a 13 foot, 6 inch clearance for the bridge. Department of Safety officials estimates that the cherry picker reached a height of 14 feet, 7 inches.

It recently came to light that the trucking company, Lares Trucking, had not secured the proper oversize load permits for the vehicle. The DMV requires these permits so it can recommend safe routes for large vehicles.

This is not the first safety mishap for the small, two-truck towing company, though it is by far the most serious. Regulators have pulled a Lares truck off the road twice in the last two years, once for a defective “brake warning device,” and once for a “cracked, loose or damaged frame.”

According to KVUE-TV, the owner of the trucking company was unaware the bridge could not safely be passed under. “It’s a new bridge. Why don’t they construct it more high?” he said in an interview.

Whether it is ensuring that drivers have the appropriate permits, providing proper training or keeping 18-wheelers in proper condition, trucking companies have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their vehicles on the roadway. Shirking that responsibility can lead to tragic consequences.

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