What kinds of Personal Injury cases are there?

What kinds of Personal Injury cases are there?

What kinds of Personal Injury cases are there? 1

Most people think car accident when they think of personal injury cases. But there are actually quite a few different kinds of personal injury. In all personal injury cases, the plaintiff has to prove negligence on the part of another party, and that the negligence directly resulted in their injury.

These are the most common kinds of personal injury cases:

·         Car AccidentCar accident cases are the most common type of personal injury case. In a car accident case, the driver who caused the accident has to pay for the injuries of the other party.  

·         Medical MalpracticeMedical malpractice occurs when an individual can show that their healthcare provider did not act reasonably and prudently and thereby caused injury or death. Expert witnesses are crucial in these cases.

·         Slip and Fall – Also known as premises liability, slip and fall cases are any case where an individual is injured due to known hazards on a property that is not properly maintained, marked or otherwise warned about.

·         Product Liability – Companies that make products for sale to the public have a duty to make sure that these products are safe and will not result in injury when used properly. When products that are used according to the directions injure someone, a product liability claim can be made.

·         Dog Bite – Dog owners are responsible for knowing if their dog is aggressive or dangerous to other people. Texas is a “one bite” state, meaning that if a dog has bitten someone in the past, or has shown to be particularly aggressive, the owner can be held liable for injuries.

·         Assault, Battery and Intentional Injury – These cases are usually brought in addition to a criminal action. If you are harmed or assaulted by an individual and they are convicted in criminal proceedings, then justice is served but you are still out the money you paid in medical bills. A personal injury lawsuit can help you recover money for medical expenses when you are intentionally injured.  This includes sexual abuse claims.


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