What Type Of Vehicle Is The Most Safe?

What Type Of Vehicle Is The Most Safe?

What Type Of Vehicle Is The Most Safe? 1When in the market for a new automobile, one of the top concerns is safety. It is no secret that cars and trucks are in accidents every day, and you want to make sure you make a choice that provides the most safety features for your family. The natural inclination is to go for the bigger, heavier models; such as a truck or an SUV. But, are these types of vehicles really more safe?

Consumer Reports has the following to say about the overall safety of an SUV vs. a sedan:

●          An SUV is safer in a front end collision than is the average sized car.

●          Even though an SUV is considered more safe than a car when considering a front end crash, this does not make an SUV the sure bet. Due to their height, an SUV is more likely to roll over than is a sedan.

●          Because SUV’s are larger, there may be more passengers inside at the time of an incident, thus the number of injuries increases.

So how do you pick? Those in the auto industry suggest looking at the statistics relative to all kinds of accidents. Do your homework on the rate of rollover, how weight is distributed, and the height of the SUV. You might be surprised to learn some smaller cars are actually safer than their big brothers. If you have been in an accident and need help making a claim or recovering for your damages, call an experienced personal injury attorney. We have helped others obtain the compensation they deserve, and can help you too. 

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