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Areas of Practice

At GreeningLaw, P.C., our philosophy is that every injury, every death, and every person matters. It doesn’t matter whether you’re expected to make a complete recovery or you’ll forever be missing an important family member or spouse – events took place that impacted your life in a negative way.

That deserves more than just our devoted time and attention…
It deserves legal responsibility and financial compensation for your suffering.

With that in mind, we’ve designed our practice to deliver experienced, qualified advice and action from a caring legal team led by Robert Greening, an attorney who is Board-Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in such matters as:

See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Car Accident Client

Robert Greening with Greening law did a great job for me. would highly recommend to any and everyone. He got all my medical expenses lost wages and my car paid in full, with money extra for pain and suffering. HE DID A GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

Dog Bite Client

Robert stayed on top of things from start to end. He kept me updated whenever anything changed. If I needed to speak with him all I needed to do was call. When the final bell tolled I was surprised, if not shocked with the settlement amount. Greening Law was able to get me more than I had ever anticipated. I would highly recommend Greening Law. Thank you, Robert For all your hard work. During the final few weeks of the case, he was like a pit bull. He was calling me nearly every day with updates.

Jet Ski Accident Client

Robert Greening represented my daughter with professionalism and expertise. We had peace of mind knowing Mr. Greening’s law firm was handling bills and negotiating with the insurance companies involved during the 8 months it took to settle the case.

Medical Malpractice Client

Robert was very kind and considerate during the whole process. He is very well seasoned and knows what he is doing.

Medical MalPractice Client

Greening Law works for its clients like no other [firm] I know. The information you receive about your case and the personal contact makes Greening Law a very special firm. Updates by telephone and email make contacting the firm easy and you don’t get the feeling that you are just another client. You are special and they show you that each time you talk with them. Mr. Greening and his staff are top notch and I would recommend them to anyone who wants personal service and has a need for individual care.

Car Accident Client

[Mr. Greening] has been my attorney on several cases since 1992, and I have found this firm to be very professional and reliable in their representation, keeping me informed throughout the process on each case. They provided timely updated information as each case progressed.

Car Accident Client

Robert Greening achieved every goal set. He was professional. He was timely. He was a great communicator. And most importantly, he achieved a great settlement for me that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Robert Greening.

Medical Malpractice Client

I recommend Robert Greening. Mr. Greening exceeded our expectations. He accepted our case and worked with us until the last day. He was professional and patient with us. Our case was unique, but he guided us through it. It was easy to communicate and follow up with him and if you needed clarity or advice, and he was right there to guide you and provide you with options. We are thankful we got the right Attorney, and without Mr. Greening, we would not have succeeded in our pursuit for justice. I would highly recommend Mr. Greening. His entire office is very warm and caring and I strongly recommend him for any Medical Malpractice matters. Thanks again!

Slip and Fall Client

Being out of state and having been a victim of a slip and fall while in Dallas, I knew I had to have a lawyer in Dallas. I am so thankful I was led to Robert Greening. Mr. Greening returned my e-mail explaining my case after office hours and upon speaking with him I knew by his honesty and compassion that he was the lawyer I wanted. Any questions I had were responded to quickly and my case was resolved much faster than I expected and with an extremely satisfactory settlement. If you are like me- reading reviews to determine which lawyer to choose- I would, without hesitation, recommend Robert Greening.

Wage Loss Settlement Client

Mr. Greening not only settled my case without having to go to court but exceeded our expectations. I had an unusual situation in that no wages were lost, yet damage had still been done. He negotiated with their attorneys and even got my medical lien way down. If ever we need representation again, I will definitely call on him.

Medical Malpractice & Wrongful Death Client

Mr. Greening put in 110% effort on my case. He explained the legal process to me in an easy to understand way. He always kept me informed on the progress of my case.

Legal Matter Client

As my case with Mr. Greening was my first ever legal proceeding, he and his assistant were exceptionally helpful explaining the process and ensuring I felt comfortable with the steps being taken. Mr. Greening is thorough, relatable, and responsive. I was very grateful someone took my case seriously and helped me resolve it in a more than satisfactory manner.

Commercial Trucking Accident Client

I found Robert to be very professional in the way he handled my case. He kept me informed along the way as to what to expect and always ready to answer any questions that I might have. He helped me to understand the process with which I had no previous experience in order so that I would know what to expect next. While I hope that I never have to be in this position again, if I were, then I would definitely hire Robert again.

Car Accident & Wrongful Death Client

I would gladly recommend Robert Greening and his law firm to anyone in similarly difficult circumstances to the one I was in. Robert is very professional and knowledgeable. He listened to my concerns and explained things to me in an understandable way. He and Marie-Claude kept me informed about my case. It is easy to trust Robert. He displayed concern and care for my family. Robert was always available to contact. I am confident in his ability to do an excellent job. I am pleased with the settlement he helped us with. I am glad that he is our lawyer. I am thankful that God let us have Robert Greening to guide us through an extremely difficult time for my family.

Fighting For Your Rights.

We understand this difficult injury or loss in your life has already caused enough of a burden in your life. Pursuing fair compensation shouldn’t become another source of stress. That’s why GreeningLaw, P.C. starts every case with a free consultation and only works on a contingency basis.

We will get you through this.

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Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

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