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The Reality of Human Trafficking and Slavery in 2020 Most people in the United States probably assume that human trafficking and slavery ended more than a century ago, but unfortunately, this industry continues to thrive even today. It’s estimated that 20.9 million adults and children are bought and sold worldwide and forced into sex slavery… Read More

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What could go wrong if you don’t hire a personal injury lawyer? If you or someone you care about has been injured as the result of someone else’s negligent actions, hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is critical. That said, there are people in this situation who choose to represent themselves, and they tend to… Read More

Despite the fact that medical treatment during childbirth is better than ever, women and infants can become injured or even die during delivery. Sometimes this is due to completely unforeseen situations, but all too often, these deaths are preventable and occur as a result of negligence or a mistake.  Unfortunately, the medical community invests a… Read More

When someone brings up the topic of school safety these days, it seems like the recent surge in violence (gun violence, in particular) at schools dominates the discussion, and while this is an important topic that we will discuss, it’s not the most likely of occurrences. What the research shows is that children at school… Read More

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, every year more than 43,000 Americans are treated for injuries incurred at amusement parks, and the majority of these injuries affect children and adolescents under 24 years of age. At GreeningLaw P.C., we want to make you aware of the potential risks so you and your family can… Read More

Summertime Tips: Camping, Boating, and Fireworks Safety June is National Safety Month, and as such, we want to touch on some common summertime activities and offer some helpful tips to keep you, your family, and your friends safe while enjoying the great outdoors. Staying Safe While Camping Camping is a great way to get back… Read More

According to the CDC Childhood Injury Report, each year more than 12,000 children between the ages of 0 and 19 die from unintentional injuries, and more than 9.2 million receive emergency medical care for non-fatal injuries. The statistics show that the most common injuries to children include things such as falls, animals attacks, and motor… Read More

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and while recently there has been a lot of talk surrounding TBIs and sports thanks to the 2015 movie “Concussion” starring Will Smith, we would like to take the opportunity to discuss how this serious type of injury can affect a personal injury case. The value of a personal… Read More

Online Retail and the Ever-Increasing Amount of Commercial Trucking Delivery Traffic Like millions of other Americans, you probably purchased at least something from an online retailer during the recent holiday season. You may have also noticed a sharp uptick in the number of large trucks and other delivery vehicles during the holidays, and these two… Read More

GreeningLaw P.C. Named a 2018 Law Firm 500 Honoree for Fastest Growing Law Firms in the U.S. 2016 & 2018 Over the past 3-years, our team at GreeningLaw P.C., have been dedicated to providing excellence in customer service resulting in many happy clients. In doing so, our commitment and focus has taken us on a… Read More