Suicide is entirely preventable with the right care, support and diagnosis. No single event or cause needs to be the trigger for suicide, but there are certain symptoms and signs that you can watch out for to prevent suicide. Suicide Warning Signs Hopelessness Often, a sign of suicide can be hopelessness. This can include phrases… Read More

Can I Take Legal Steps After a Concussion? Over 3 million people experience concussions every year, according to the Mayo Clinic. Usually a concussion is self-diagnosable; but often it is beneficial to see a doctor immediately. Often, you can take legal steps after receiving a concussion due to an accident. First, let’s look at the… Read More

Summer brings out those pesky bugs that drive kids crazy; and us too! Sunburns can not only spoil the fun, but can cause severe consequences to our health down the road. Therefore, whatever adventures you are considering, bring along a floppy hat, some bug spray, and UV protection. Yes, summer is here in many places,… Read More

According to the CDC, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are suffered by about 2.5 million people every year in the United States. Not all head injuries lead to a TBI, but when they do, they can have far-reaching effects on the family.  TBIs can also be caused when a patient does not get enough oxygen to… Read More

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), “An estimated 1.7 million people sustain a TBI annually” with injuries ranging from moderate to life altering. The following is an overview of how a TBI can change your life, how these accidents and incidents may occur, their symptoms, and how a professional personal injury lawyer can… Read More

When a loved one is injured or dies in a psychiatric hospital, the conclusion drawn by the family is to blame the staff or owner. Although that is a natural assumption, it is not always the case. However, the ultimate responsibility for your loved one’s safety rests with the hospital. There are circumstances of shared… Read More

Although it is not the family’s responsibility to prevent injuries of their loved ones who are patients in a psychiatric hospital, being proactive is certainly preferred over dealing with an injury that could have been prevented. To assist you with this, we have gathered a few preventive techniques for the family to think about before… Read More

At best a car accident can be a huge inconvenience even if it is only a minor collision. The time it takes to stop, exchange information with the other driver/s and possibly wait for assistance alone can take a big chunk out of your day. In addition, there are reports to file, insurance companies to… Read More

As you can well imagine, suing for emotional distress is not an easy venture. Proving emotional distress, particularly in the absence of physical injury is extremely difficult. Consulting with a lawyer who has expertise in this area is vital if you hope to have any chance at recovering damages. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress This… Read More

Family traditions are often at the center of many holiday celebrations. Traditions often include decorating for the holidays both indoors and out. For many families, the annual tree trimming coincides with a plethora of holiday décor that is treasured element of the holiday season. To keep everyone safe during the holiday season being aware of… Read More