At Greening Law, we have always valued the communities we serve. That is why we are once again thrilled to announce our participation in the Family Gateway Christmas Toy drive. We renew our commitment to the Family Gateway mission to empower families each year, due to the values shared by our respective organizations.

Family Gateway offers support to families experiencing homelessness and provides a bridge of hope to a more stable future. The Christmas Toy Drive is especially important to families with young children, who are already facing a considerable financial burden. As a law firm with an established presence in the communities of Dallas, we are in the privileged position of offering valuable support to Family Gateway.

Dignity and Hope

Families who are facing crisis point, and have lost their home as a result, need the support of the community. Restoring dignity to the family is part of the mission statement of Family Gateway. Homelessness can devastate a family unit and has a significant impact on the psychology of children growing up without a stable home.

A considerable percentage of children who never knew a stable home will remain homeless into adulthood. The Family Gateway Christmas Toy Drive aims to break the cycle of hopelessness and provide families with some semblance of normality during a holiday so many of us take for granted. At Greening Law, we are glad to give back to the community in a way that brings joy to so many.

Family Stability

Stability, in every sense of the word, is a daily struggle for homeless families. With the holidays coming up, Family Gateway increases their drive to support homeless families in the community. The Christmas Toy Drive allows the community to come together and help children enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Toy drives have been proven to create great memories for children in poverty, creating memories that endure into adulthood.

For a homeless child, a single Christmas toy can make all the difference. The value of the Family Gateway Christmas Toy Drive and similar charitable events are invaluable. Without the great work that these charities perform in the community, countless families would be left without any kind of support or understanding.

Love and Inspiration

Love and inspiration are at the core of every service that Family Gateway provides to homeless families. Knowing there are people willing to offer extensive support can give hope to a family going through financial struggles. Greening Law supports any drive that helps families in the community better their situation and provides children with a stable home environment.

We encourage the entire community to spread love and inspiration by joining Greening Law and Family Gateway in the Christmas Toy drive this year and every year after. Your toy donations could change the course of a homeless child’s life. You can also inquire about volunteer services and other ways you can help by contacting Family Gateway: call 214-823-4500 or email

Community Education

Homeless families face a lot of challenges from day to day, including the stigma that is attached to homelessness. Family Gateway goes to great effort to involve the community in the charitable work that they carry out as advocates of the homeless. Greening Law fully supports this approach as we are a firm committed to community outreach and working together for the greater good.

Adults and children are encouraged to take part in the Family Gateway Christmas Toy Drive, ensuring local residents of all ages are able to lend a helping hand. Through participation in the Christmas Toy Drive you and your children can gain a better understand of the hurdles faced by our homeless families in North Texas.


Greening Law, P.C. Gives Back to Family Gateway | Christmas Toy Drive | Greening Law, P.C.

Family Gateway Christmas Toy Drive

There is no better way for the wider community of Dallas, Texas to provide homeless children with the gift of Christmas. Each year the Family Gateway Christmas Toy Drive goes from strength to strength, thanks to people like you who continue to donate or participate as a volunteer. If you haven’t participated in the past, Greening Law would like to extend an invitation to you to join us in helping Family Gateway spread some Christmas joy this holiday season.

At Christmas the Greening Law promise of “We fight the legal battle, so you have time for healing and renewal” has particular importance for our homeless families. Contact our offices today if you would like a consultation with a team of legal professionals who truly care about your community.