How The Apple Watch Might Help Your Case

How The Apple Watch Might Help Your Case

How The Apple Watch Might Help Your Case 1All legal matters require evidence in order for a decision to be made. This is because in nearly every case the parties have a different version of the facts, and the Judge or jury must be able to look at all the information available and make their own determination as to what happened. Evidence historically has come in the form of eyewitness testimony, photos, doctor reports and diagnoses, deposition testimony, or paper documentation. However, with advances in technology, other forms of evidence have recently found their way to the Courtroom.

Reports on use of social media in criminal and family law cases are common, and now the trend may extend to personal injury cases. Of particular concern is the new Apple watch. While a fascinating technological advance, one has to wonder how long it will be before the data from the watch will be used as evidence in a Court of law. For plaintiffs, the information could be vital, and beneficial to the case:

● The data stored on the watch may contain the date and time the wearer sent a text. If close in time to an accident, this information could be used to establish causation and negligence.

● This data may replace the need for a recreation of the accident scene, or the need to hunt down witnesses.

● It will be important to make sure the information is authenticated, and thus considered reliable. When in doubt, resort to use of traditional forms of evidence would be required.

Because the Apple watch is relatively new, and because most new technology experiences glitches after first hitting the market, its use should be limited to cases where there is little other evidence to offer. We will review your case and identify which forms of evidence fit your facts the best, and then aggressively pursue all remedies available.

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