5 Texas Fun Summer Destinations

The Best Destinations to Enjoy the Texas Summer

Summer is in full-swing, and plenty of people are getting into the groove of the season with trips and activities to beat the heat and enjoy themselves with friends and family. But before you head out on the road and get ready for some summer fun, GreeningLaw P.C. wants to remind everyone that the best way to enjoy the summer is to come home safe and sound with all those great new memories.

To that end, we put together a short list of some of the most popular Texas vacation destinations, as well as some tips to help everyone stay safe while enjoying all they have to offer.


5 Amazing Summer Destinations in Texas


1. Six Flags Over Texas – Arlington

A Texas original, Six Flags over Texas in Arlington has been around offering fun for the whole family for more than 60 years. Whether you’re planning a weekend trip or days of theme park fun this summer, the roller coasters, water rides, live shows and more mean you’ll never run out of things to do and see.

2 . Schlitterbahn Water Park & Resort – New Braunfels

When it comes to beating the heat and entertaining the whole family, you can’t top Schlitterbahn New Braunfels. The multi-section waterpark features the largest and most eclectic collection of water rides in the world, as well as miles of lazy rivers, making it more than you can handle in one day.

3. Big Bend National Park – Brewster County

For those who are more interested in enjoying the beauty of nature this summer, Big Bend National Park offers the chance to explore the rugged desert in Southwest Texas. Visitors can enjoy camping, floating the Rio Grande, or taking a scenic drive through the Chihuahuan Desert landscape.

4. San Antonio Riverwalk – San Antonio

The San Antonio River Walk is an amazing destination to relax, check out real Texas history firsthand, celebrate, dine, and drink. In addition to the tree-lined riverside paths filled with restaurants, hotels, shops, museums, and recreation spots, it’s also home to historical landmarks like the Alamo.

5. Sixth Street – Austin 

If you’re interested in a more adult vacation spot this summer, Sixth Street offers fun times in a distinctly Austin fashion. With a colorful array of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and other entertainment venues, it’s a sure bet for a uniquely Austin cultural experience.


Tips for staying safe and making the best of your vacation

Wherever you decide to go to get away this summer, there are a few simple things you can do to maximize your chances of a having a great time and staying safe:

1. Plan ahead. A little research can make all the difference. You may find out, for example, that part of your route has road construction that can be avoided or that one of the restaurants you were planning to visit isn’t open for lunch. You can also review the layout of theme parks on the internet to map out ahead of time which rides and attractions you want visit so you can hit as many as possible.

2. Stay hydrated. Texas summers are no joke. If you’re outside, you’re sweating, and that means you’ll get dehydrated fast. Dehydration and heat stroke can come on fast, so drink plenty of water (not soda or juice) throughout the day and remember to recharge your body with healthy snacks. If you’re sweating a whole lot, consider drinking a sports drink with electrolytes (i.e., Gatorade, Powerade) to replace some of the salts you’re losing.

3. Make sure no one travels alone. When heading out in a group, large or small, it’s always a good idea to pair people up as buddies. Make sure everyone in the group knows they’re responsible for making sure their buddy is still with the group, staying hydrated, and feeling alright.

4. Wear appropriate clothing. Everyone wants to look good, but sometimes fashion needs to take a backseat to commonsense safety. Long, dangling clothing or jewelry can get snagged or lost, and the same goes for hair too. Wear closed toed shoes to protect your feet and dress in layers so you can add or remove clothing as needed.

5. Respect the Sun. The Texas sun can be brutal, and no one wants to endure a painful sunburn while they’re on vacation (or any time, for that matter). So make sure to apply plenty of sunblock, stick to the shade, and keep yourself covered when possible. Sweating can reduce the effectiveness of sunscreen, and it can also rub off throughout the day, so remember to reapply often.


If you or someone you love is injured this summer, we want to help

We want everybody to have a great summer and enjoy themselves on vacation this year. But even if you do everything you can to protect yourself and those you love, accidents and the carelessness or negligence of others can lead to injuries, and GreeningLaw P.C. wants to help.

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We fight the legal battle so you have time for healing and renewal, and we hope everyone has a happy, safe summer this year!