7 Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

Here at Greening Law, we see the tragic consequences of distracted driving in the faces of our injury clients. Here are 7 tips to avoid distracted driving.

Ways to reduce texting and driving

While we’re on the road, we often don’t even notice our attention’s been engaged by some distraction or other. After all, how often have you been driving when, hearing the buzz or ting of your phone signalling an incoming text message, you casually and without really thinking about it, look away from the road and down at the seat beside you, where your phone’s been sitting during the drive? Texting and driving is not the only form of distracted driving either. Distractions could be eating while you drive, playing your music too loudly, or trying to apply makeup. Anything that results in taking your attention off the road is a distraction. To help reduce the risk of a distracted driving accident, consider implementing the following tips to avoid distractions while driving:

Tips for Reducing Distractions while Driving

  1. Turn your phone off or set it to vibrate when you get into the car, and then put it somewhere where you won’t be able to look at it or reach for it while you’re driving.
  2. Use the hashtag #X, from the It Can Wait campaign, to quickly let everyone on social media know you’re on the road and will be back online when you’ve reached your destination.
  3. Have passengers riding with you? Use them to do all the things you can’t do while driving: make that call, send that text, select a better playlist, but aso be careful that the passengers that are riding with are not the ones causing the distraction.
  4. Be prepared when you’re going somewhere new. Familiarize yourself with your route on the map before you get into the car. Using GPS? Enter your destination first, before driving.
  5. Pull over if you absolutely need to make a call, send a text or read an email. Make this a firm, iron-clad rule of the road.
  6. Driving with kids or pets in the car? Make sure everyone, pets included, is properly secured. And if your kids start bickering? Take a deep breath and ignore them until you can properly pull over and settle the situation.
  7. Don’t multitask while driving. And remember, anything that takes your eyes off the road is multitasking, including that big, messy double cheeseburger you just got through the drive-through.

These seven scenarios are among the most common events that we see happening that are causing our clients’ injuries due to car accidents. After a car accident, an experienced attorney is one of the few people who will advocate for your best interests.

Robert Greening is the principal attorney at Greening Law, P.C. He has dedicated his 30 years of practice to the litigation of wrongful death and serious injury cases. If these 7 tips to avoid distracted driving are not enough and you still have questions, message us or call us at (972) 934-8900.