Baylor to Honor Worker Killed in McLane Stadium Construction Accident

In February 2014, Baylor University announced plans to honor a construction worker who was killed while working on the new McLane Stadium on campus. According to, Jose Suarez, 55, of Manor, TX, drowned when a piece of construction equipment to which he was tethered fell into the Brazos River. Another co-worker was also tethered to the equipment and fell into the freezing water, but was able to free himself. The co-worker suffered hypothermia and was treated and released from a local hospital.  CultureMap reported that the two workers were harnessed to a crane on a floating dock over the Brazos River at the time of the accident. The men were working on a pedestrian bridge at the time, and fell into the water when the crane fell from the floating dock. Divers searched the river, which is up to 20 feet deep in some places, for four hours before finding Suarez’s body. W. Patrick Swanton, a sergeant with the Waco Police Department, said that it was unknown if winds of up to 18 miles an hour in the area at the time may have contributed to the accident.   Suarez will be honored with a plaque on the Umphrey Pedestrian Bridge, which connects the stadium to the Baylor campus. This is the bridge on which Suarez was working when he fell to his death. Ken Starr, Chancellor of Baylor University, said, “Our thoughts go out to the Suarez family at this terribly sad hour.  All of Baylor Nation extends our deepest sympathies as we remember in our prayers Jose Suarez and all those whom he loved.”If you or a loved one has been injured (or worse) in a construction accident, Greening Law, P.C. stands ready to help you with your legal needs. Contact our offices today at 972-934-8900 or online.