Considering a Fetal Keepsake Ultrasound Video? The FDA Advises You to Reconsider

Considering a Fetal Keepsake Ultrasound Video? The FDA Advises You to Reconsider

For first time parents, pregnancy is an exciting and uncertain period of time. You know your lives will be forever changed with the birth of your baby, and at times you feel you can hardly bear the anticipation you’re feeling during the nine months of pregnancy. For expectant parents during this time, there is something so special about seeing the ultrasound image of your baby.

But if you’ve been considering obtaining an over-the-counter fetal keepsake ultrasound video from a commercial establishment, you may want to think again. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has released a consumer update warning expectant parents to avoid fetal keepsake images.

While there is currently a lack of evidence that ultrasound imaging can harm a growing fetus, the FDA notes that the use of ultrasound technology can slightly heat tissues, and can also sometimes cause the formation of small bubbles – a process known as cavitation – in certain tissues. The long-term effects of both this slight heating and cavitation are currently unknown, and it’s important that ultrasound imaging be performed only by trained operators when there is a known medical need.

One particular cause for concern? In some cases, obtaining a fetal keepsake ultrasound video from a commercial establishment may result in the use of ultrasound imaging technology for periods of up to an hour. As well, multiple sessions may occur, and often consumers will have no indication whether the equipment is being operated in an appropriate manner.

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