Family Sues Tire Manufacturer After Fatal Accident

Family Sues Tire Manufacturer After Fatal Accident

As drivers, we put a great deal of trust in the components of our vehicles. We trust that the brakes will work properly, that the airbags will detonate in a crash, and that our tires will remain sound throughout the course of normal use. We trust that these components have been thoroughly tested by the manufacturer, and that any products that reach the shelves will be free of manufacturing defects.

Testing and quality control is a solemn duty for the manufacturers of car parts and accessories, as lives are always at risk when a vehicle is in motion. Nowhere was this demonstrated more clearly than on Interstate Highway 20 on Aug. 20, 2012, when a Texas family was subjected to a severe accident following a sudden tire failure.

The extended family was traveling in a single vehicle when their right rear tire suddenly gave way, sending the vehicle into an uncontrolled turn. The vehicle then rolled over and struck a road sign. The injuries suffered were widespread and, in some cases, fatal. According to a personal injury lawsuit filed by the family, all occupants of the vehicle sustained injuries. Five passengers, all children, suffered fatal injuries.

The family filed the lawsuit against Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, which manufactured the Discoverer ATR tire that failed on the day of the accident. The tire allegedly suffered a tread-belt separation, leading to a loss of control. The family is seeking wrongful death compensation, which often includes compensation for funeral expenses and emotional suffering, as well as damages for the injuries suffered by the surviving passengers.

When a manufacturer cuts corners or negligently allows an unsafe product to reach the marketplace, personal injury lawsuits are often an effective way to affect change. When faced with one or more product liability suits, company executives often move quickly to ensure that the conditions that led to the victim’s injuries can never occur again.

If you or a loved one has been harmed by a dangerous product, you have a right to hold the manufacturer accountable for its negligence. To learn more, call Greening Law, P.C., at 972-934-8900 or contact our law firm online.