Honda Faces Lawsuit over Alleged Safety Concerns

Honda Faces Lawsuit over Alleged Safety Concerns

Honda Faces Lawsuit over Alleged Safety Concerns 1Car manufacturers have a number of responsibilities towards the products they manufacture. People place their trust in their vehicles every day of their lives; placing their faith on the fact that the car was properly designed and tested by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, this faith is not always well placed. The auto industry has a long history of hazardous products, design oversights and recalls. When a driver or passenger is injured due to sloppy manufacturing or hazardous design, they have a right to seek compensation from the manufacturer.

A Texas couple recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against Honda Motor Co. and American Honda Motor Co. alleging product liability in connection with a 2014 that left the husband injured. The accident occurred on Sept. 12 on state Highway 110, when the man struck a horse in the road, swerved out of his lane and struck a tree. According to the lawsuit, although the man was wearing a seat belt and was properly seated in the vehicle, he suffered serious injuries as a result of the crash.

The couple state that Honda knew or should have known that a safer design would have prevented such egregious injuries. The lawsuit states that the vehicle, the model of which is not stated, lacked a safe roof, airbag and other related systems. The lawsuit also alleges that Honda failed to conduct an effective review of the vehicle before putting it onto the market.

Product liability cases against manufacturers can be challenging, as car companies often push hard to protect their interests. A successful claim, however, can not only bring financial compensation to the victim, but also induce change in the auto industry itself, leading manufacturers to pull dangerous products from the market and make the necessary modifications.

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