How to Claim PTSD in a Personal Injury Case

How to Claim PTSD in a Personal Injury Case

PTSD, better known as post-traumatic stress disorder, is something you should not have to deal with alone. Greening Law, P.C. has expertise in this area and can assist you in filing a claim for your mental anguish in your personal injury case.

PTSD/Mental Anguish

PTSD, which is a form of mental anguish, is a psychological disorder that affects people who have either been in a traumatic event or have witnessed a traumatic event. It can interfere with a person’s daily function and can make recovery very difficult. This type of claim is compensable under law, but it can sometimes be difficult to prove.

PTSD is far more common than most people think.  PTSD can be the result of a car accident, a soldier returning from war, a natural disaster, sexual assault and various other types of personal injury. Here is how to claim PTSD in your personal injury case:

Symptoms of PTSD

Some symptoms to pay attention to are:

  • Flashbacks of the event or nightmares that feel real
  • Physical pain
  • Losing interest in things you used to enjoy
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Severe anxiety
  • Avoiding places that remind you of the event
  • Turning to drugs or alcohol to help cope
  • Thoughts of self-harm
  • Isolating yourself from others

It is natural to feel emotional effects after a traumatic event, but if the emotional impact interferes with an everyday life routine or does not improve over time, it could be PTSD.

Treatment Options

A great place to start is with your local physicians, who can suggest treatment options. If they feel you need further help, they can point you in the right direction. Support groups are also a good way to help patients process their feelings and talk about their fears. Communication is very important when treating PTSD.

Timeframe to File a Claim

In Texas, the statute of limitations for a personal injury case gives you two years from the date of the event to file a lawsuit. This is where Greening Law, P.C., provides their expertise. We are fully prepared to analyze your claim and get you the damages you deserve to be reimbursed for.

Proving Your Claim

Our law firm is passionate about safeguarding the rights of victims. We know mental anguish is difficult to deal with and will help you to understand your rights. We will help the jury understand what post-traumatic stress disorder is and how it affects you, the victim. We will need to establish that the plaintiff is suffering on a daily basis and how it is affecting your life.

Help With the Legalities

If you are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, or mental anguish, the Greening Law, P.C., firm is here to help. We are committed to assessing each individual case and maximizing your compensation. We are supportive and sensitive in this stressful time in your life and want to help you understand all of your legal rights. Our firm will guide you through the legal system and we are here to answer any questions that you may have.

Our personal injury attorneys are experts in their field and we believe having proper legal counsel will help you find the best course of action to get the compensation you seek for your post-traumatic stress disorder.

Call us today for a free consultation of your claim. At this consultation, we will discuss your claim and outline a course of action. You will not only know your rights, there will be no surprises as we work on a contingency basis. This means you do not pay anything unless you receive compensation for your claim. Greening Law, P.C. are personal injury lawyers who want you and your family to concentrate on your recovery without the financial concerns of the legal process.

We are one of the most recognized law firms in the state when it comes to Personal Injury cases. We will work diligently to make sure you are compensated for your suffering. Our mission statement is, “We fight the legal battle, so you have time for healing and renewal.” We are here to help you.