How To Stay Safe Around Big Rigs

How To Stay Safe Around Big Rigs

How To Stay Safe Around Big Rigs 1The movement of goods across state lines is vital to our nation’s economy. Your favorite stores are able to keep stocked because big rigs deliver products on a consistent basis. But, because eighteen wheelers are heavier than the average car or truck, when they are involved in an accident the injuries are often times catastrophic. While there are state and federal regulations aimed at trucker safety, there are still instances where accidents happen. The road to recovery from an accident involving a truck is long and difficult. If you have been in an accident it is imperative that you make the right moves towards healing, which includes filing a claim against the trucking company.

In addition to taking appropriate legal action when a semi causes an accident, it is also good to know some general things you can do to stay safe around big rigs. Some useful tips on what motorists can do to share the road safely include:

●          Keep your distance! If you follow too close there is a chance the driver won’t see you in his or her mirrors. If you are caught in a trucker’s blind spot the chance of collision is great.

●          Steer clear of a turning semi truck. Due to the size of these autos, the turning path is usually big. The farther back you stay, the safer you will be. This is also true when you are stopped at a light or other traffic signal and an oncoming truck is making a left hand turn. Try not to pull up all the way at stoplights and signs, doing so will give trucks the space they need to safely turn without hitting your driver side.

●          When passing, do so with care. If you are able, always pass a semi on the left.

Even with these precautions, you can still be the victim of a semi truck accident. If you are, take quick action to seek medical care and preserve your right to file a claim. The statute of limitations is the same for an incident involving a big rig as it is for accidents involving consumer cars. I have helped people recover from trucking accidents before and can help you too. Contact me today for a review of the specific facts of your case and to develop an effective strategy for recovery.  

If you have questions about what you can do to stay safe around trucks, or what to do when involved in an accident with a big rig, attorney Robert Greening has the answers.  Call a Dallas, Texas personal injury attorney today.