Many Cars Still Have Exploding Airbags

Many Cars Still Have Exploding Airbags

Many Cars Still Have Exploding Airbags 1

More than eleven million cars, made by nine different major auto makers, have been recalled due to “exploding airbags.” This is one of the biggest auto recalls in American history, and one of the most dangerous. The Takata airbags have been exploding and sending shrapnel flying upon impact.


Two people have died because the airbags did not perform as designed, and a coroner’s report in California links a possible third death to the faulty airbags. A government database shows more than 100 people have reported being hurt. Unfortunately, despite the recall, many of these airbags are still on the road.


Nine car makers are currently included in the recall, which covers only nine states, including Texas, and two U.S. territories. The recall is mostly regional because Takata believes the explosions are more likely to happen in humid climates, when moisture gets into the system. Notably, the recall does not cover the two states where people have died from airbag explosion.


According to one lawsuit describing a 2013 accident, in one incident a one-inch piece of metal propelled from an exploding air bag and hit the driver’s right eye, causing blindness and facial lacerations requiring 100 stitches.


Air bags are Takata’s biggest business, accounting for 43% of its $5.47 billion in sales in its latest fiscal year. The company is not sure how the new recall will affect its earnings. Last year, it took a $300 million charge related to a previous recall. Takata also manufactures steering wheels, seat belts, and other auto parts.


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