The “Dark Side” of the Texas Economic Boom

The “Dark Side” of the Texas Economic Boom

The “Dark Side” of the Texas Economic Boom 1

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram published a story from the Texas Tribune on June 30 suggesting that the current economic boom in Texas also has a “dark side.”


According to Texas Tribune author Jay Root, “Texas has led the nation in worker fatalities for seven of the last 10 years, and when Texans are hurt or killed on the job, they have some of the weakest protections and stingiest benefits in the country.”


Texas does have a Division of Workers’ Compensation, but it is the only state that does not require employers to carry private workers’ compensation insurance or an acceptable equivalent. This leaves around 500,000 Texas workers without compensation if they are injured at work, and often they must turn to taxpayer or charitable sources for help if they are hurt. More than a million Texans outside the workers’ comp system do get private insurance, but they are not regulated by the state and may not provide sufficient benefits in the event of an injury. Even the state-run workers’ compensation system promises a great deal but may not come through in the long run, as claimants experience regular denial of claims for a whole host of reasons.


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