What Have We Learned From The Ebola Virus Scare?

What Have We Learned From The Ebola Virus Scare?

ebolaWith the advances made in medicine over the past few decades, it seems near impossible to contract the plague, smallpox, polio, or certain viruses. However, in the Fall of 2014 the Ebola virus made its way to the United States. Once it did, patients and physicians across the country understandably became nervous of “catching” the virus. It is natural to take precautions when things like this happen, and take steps to keep yourself and your family safe.

With the Ebola scare, here are some of the more important lessons to learn, and apply to daily life today:

  • Paramedics, doctors, nurses, and those in the health care field should always follow safety protocol and use masks and gloves with any patient likely to be infected with an easily spread virus.
  • Remain calm if you believe you have symptoms of a virus that is infectious. A “false alarm” can result in a heightened level of anxiety and end up causing unnecessary medical expenses.
  • Educate yourself about concerns you have, so you are better prepared to answer physician questions that will be helpful in identifying an illness.
  • Avoid media hype when significant events occur. Rather than jump on the bandwagon of doom, take a moment to assess the situation and find out if anything you are experiencing is what is being reported.
  • When making travel plans outside of the United States, study the region to which you are traveling and make yourself aware of any health issues. Once you know if you will be exposed to a potentially harmful disease, you can change your plans or take the necessary precautions.

The last lesson is one that will help prevent not only panic, but also potential misdiagnosis. Still yet, doctors make mistakes and when they do those mistakes can cause serious harm to their patients. If you believe you have been further injured as a result of a visit to the doctor’s office, call us for help. We know what to look for when investigating possible medical malpractice claims, and will develop the evidence of your case fully so you can receive the compensation you deserve.

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