What Is Negligence?

What Is Negligence?

What Is Negligence? 1In the context of a personal injury lawsuit, responsibility for the injuries caused lies with the negligent party. Thus, it is crucial to determine who acted negligently and have an understanding of what the concept of negligence means in the law. Everyone has certain rights, one of which is to be free from harm and injury from others. When a person fails to follow the rules or generally acceptable behavior for the circumstances, they are said to be negligent. We work to hold those that engage in negligent behavior responsible for the consequences of their actions.

Part of holding a negligent party accountable is by making a claim for compensation for your injuries. According to the legal definition of negligence the following circumstances would give rise to a lawsuit against the negligent driver:


● Reading emails while driving

● Texting and driving

● Drinking and driving

● Failing to follow the rules of the road, such as by disregarding the speed limit or failing to stop at traffic signals

 Some of the things you can request when you are hurt in an accident include lost wages, the cost to repair or replace your personal property, the costs of medical care and any extended therapy or treatment, reimbursement for any permanent and lasting disfigurement, and other costs directly attributable to the accident. Gathering the evidence needed to seek reimbursement includes keeping track of the dates and times you receive treatment, keeping copies of physician reports and diagnoses and taking photos of the damage to your property.  I can help you determine what is needed for your case, and then we will present it in a light most favorable to the facts of your case. My goal is to help you fully recover, so you can move forward with positive steps.

If you have questions about how to establish negligence in a personal injury case, attorney Robert Greening has the answers.  Call a Dallas, Texas personal injury attorney today.