What to Do After a Car Accident

What to Do After a Car Accident

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incident are confusing and pass quickly. It is not easy to think straight after such a shock. You are likely trying to process what just happened, and simultaneously trying to figure out what to do going forward. Sometimes the other individuals in the accident may be making suggestions, such as not calling the police or not calling insurance. Below is a list of steps that should always be taken after an accident. We suggest printing the list and keeping it near your insurance and registration so you have a readily available checklist to guide you through the havoc that ensues after an accident.


        Call 911. Regardless of the amount of damage, it is important to report the accident. A police report is really important to have just in case the insurance company has any questions about the accident after you file a claim. If you end up suffering an injury from the accident, which may not even be apparent immediately after the accident, you will also want the police report for a potential a personal injury case.

        Take pictures. If you can, take pictures of your vehicle, other vehicles involved, the license plate of other vehicles involved, and the surrounding area. These can end up being very helpful in an insurance claim or personal injury case, and they may document damage you didn’t even notice at the scene.  Getting pictures of the environment is important to document whether there was other traffic, stop lights, visual impairments, stop signs and the weather/road conditions.

        Report the claim. You should always report the accident to your insurance company and to the insurance company of the other individuals involved. Depending on your insurance company’s policy, you may have a few hours after the accident to report your claim. However, you should collect the other drivers’ insurance information right away at the scene of the accident.

        Seek treatment. If you have any injuries or are feeling any soreness or pain, go to the hospital and be sure to follow up with a doctor if needed.

        Have your car examined. Even if you do not see any visible damage to your car, have a certified mechanic do an examination. Sometimes impact can throw the alignment off or do other harm. Obtain a hard copy of an estimate of how much it will cost to repair the damage.



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