Why Teens Text And Drive

Why Teens Text And Drive

Ask anyone with a teenage child why their kids do anything, and the answer is likely to be “because they are a teenager”, or “who knows”. Teenagers have a way of thinking they know everything, and that the bad stories they hear will never happen to them. Of course as adults we know this not to be the case, and so try to instill in our children a sense of awareness and responsibility. This is especially true in the area of driving, where many parents wait up nervously at night for the safe return of their driving teen.

In today’s society parents have plenty to give them gray hairs when trying to raise their kids; from drug use, to making the grade, to staying safe behind the wheel of a car. With technology what it is, a parent’s biggest concern for their driving teen is likely the chance their child will text while driving, greatly increasing the chance of an accident. This begs the question, “why do teens text and drive”? The answer is hard to pinpoint, but some of the following may contribute to the reason why so many young drivers engage in this dangerous activity:

  • Teen drivers underestimate the consequences of texting while driving, and believe they are more in control of their driving than they actually are.
  • Today’s teens are used to sending and receiving information on an instantaneous basis, this makes it hard to put down the phone and respond to a friend’s question about an after school activity or plans for after Friday night’s football game.
  • Texting, checking social media, or playing a game on a smartphone are addictive behaviors.

The best thing you can do to prevent your teen from texting and driving is to set a good example. While most plans allow parents to sign on and turn off data and other distractions at certain times, if a child sees their parent engage in an activity, the child is likely to mimic that behavior. So, the next time you get in your car with your children, be sure to buckle up, drive the speed limit, and put down your phone. The life you safe may be your own, or your child’s.

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