AAA’s Distracted Driving Month

AAA’s Distracted Driving Month

AAA’s Distracted Driving Month 1Driving is a serious act, and when a motorist is behind the wheel of the car, all of his or her attention should be devoted to the roadway. This is especially true for young drivers, whose skills may be untested and who may not be fully aware of their own limitations.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety recently attempted to get a better understanding of distracted driving among teenagers in America. Last April, which was christened “Distracted Driving Month,” the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety announced the surprising results of a new study: distracted driving is a much more common threat than previously believed.

The study reports that distracted driving has taken the place of drug use and alcohol intoxication as the number one cause of serious car crashes among teenagers.  The study lists a number of hazardous behaviors:

·         Speaking to or attending to passengers

·         Cell phone use

·         Reaching for an object

·         Personal grooming

·         Eating and drinking

·         Singing and dancing

The study also discovered that distracted driving often caused crashes when it occurred in conjunction with other activities. Speed was a factor in 79 percent of distracted driving crashes, 36 percent of crashes involved improper following distance, and 43 percent of crashes involved the failure to yield.

This behavior comes at heavy cost, both for the distracted driver and for any other motorists who become the victim of his or her dangerous driving habits. Fortunately, the victims of auto accidents have the right to pursue compensation for the losses they suffer at the hands of a distracted driver.

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