Former Employee Files $1 Million Injury Lawsuit

Former Employee Files $1 Million Injury Lawsuit

Former Employee Files $1 Million Injury Lawsuit 1Employers have a number of responsibilities toward their employees. In particular, employers must ensure that workers have the training and the resources they need to conduct their work in safety. Failing to do this can lead to an employee injury, and, by extension, a possible workers’ compensation or personal injury lawsuit.

A Texas woman recently sued her former employer for negligence, stating that the company failed to provide a safe work environment for her. The employee, a worker at a La Quinta hotel in Port Arthur, injured her finger, arm and shoulder while attempting to move an air conditioner unassisted. This injury made it more difficult for her to perform her work duties, which led to a chain of anxiety and missed work that ultimately resulted in her termination.

Termination is no minor consequence for an employee. Not only does the terminated employee lose his or her entire income, he or she will also find it more difficult to find employment elsewhere. This is because many employers think twice about hiring a worker who was previously fired for alleged misconduct.

The woman now seeks compensation for her losses through legal action. She has filed a lawsuit against her former employer, claiming the company failed to provide adequate supervision or assistance, failed to provide a safe work environment, and failed to provide proper training. She claims damages in the form of lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, medical bills and disfigurement. She seeks punitive damages in excess of $1 million.

Punitive damages in this amount serve not only to compensate the injured worker, but also to send a message to the employer that negligent operations and unsafe workplaces will not be tolerated. In this way, lawsuits serve not only to ensure that injured victims can pay for their medical bills and ongoing expenses, but also that employers take action to prevent any further injuries in the future.

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