What Is A Catastrophic Accident?

What Is A Catastrophic Accident?

What Is A Catastrophic Accident? 1The severity of injuries that result from car, truck, or motorcycle accidents varies. Some injuries are minor, while others are severe, and then there are those personal injuries that fall somewhere in between. The way in which you react to an accident depends on the type of accident, and the type of injury. The most important thing is to get the medical treatment needed to recover from your injuries, and also to hold the negligent party accountable.

In Texas you have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit, but this does not mean your case will take this long. Your first step is to contact a knowledgeable attorney in order to determine the best approach to your case. Your strategy should take into consideration the type of accident, such as:

            ●          Trucking accidents.

            ●          Motorcycle accidents.

●          Accidents when you are a pedestrian, or on a bicycle.

In any of these types of accidents, the injuries can be catastrophic. This is especially true with accidents that involve semi trucks, drunk drivers, or while you are on a motorcycle. Collisions at high rates of speed can cause ejection from the vehicle, which likely may result in significant head and spinal cord trauma. When you are in a catastrophic accident your recovery will take longer than for accidents where the injuries are less severe. For instance, you may require physical therapy for an extended period of time, which means you are unable to return to work right away. Components of recovery for personal injury cases include recoupment of lost wages, payment for permanent disfigurement and disability, pain, mental anguish, and compensation for damage to your personal property. I have helped hundreds of hurt people receive a full and fair compensation, and can help you too. I take an individualized approach to your case, so you receive specialized treatment rather than being treated like a number.

If you have questions about what constitutes a catastrophic personal injury accident, attorney Robert Greening has the answers.  Call a Dallas, Texas personal injury attorney today.