As residents of Texas, the State upholds the right of you and your family to be protected from any form of abuse. This means everyone, including older family members. Whether elderly Texans reside in their own homes, with family or in a nursing home or assisted living community, they are entitled to full protection from… Read More

Tom Clark, Senior VP of Operations for Con-way Freight suggests that car drivers should take a lesson from the nation’s truckers. In an opinion piece for, Clark offers some advice for distracted drivers, along with some sobering statistics.   Clark suggests that the nation’s truckers quite literally have a unique “view” of just how… Read More

According to an October 2013 report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC),close to 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year. Nearly half of these are children, and twenty percent of dog bites are serious enough to require medical attention. In 2012, 27,000+ Americans had reconstructive surgery after being bitten by a dog.… Read More

A separate post in this blog goes over Stryker’s voluntary recall of their Rejuvenate and ABG II hip implants. If you or a loved one received one of these implants as part of a hip replacement surgery, you should know what kinds of symptoms indicate that there may be problems with the implant(s).   Symptoms… Read More

If you live in the Dallas metro area and received a Stryker hip implant as part of a hip replacement surgery, you should be aware that according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has voluntarily recalled its Rejuvenate and ABG II modular-neck stems in July 2012. Stuart Simpson, Vice President and General Manager,… Read More

According to the US Department of Labor/OSHA Fall Prevention Campaign, falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry—and all of these deaths are preventable. OSHA, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) – Construction Sector have partnered on a campaign to raise awareness among… Read More

You may have seen multiple news stories of late about the fact that Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana for private use in 2013. The Austin Chronicle also reportsthat a movement is underway to legalize pot in Texas. Many advocates for legalizing marijuana claim that pot is much more “safe” than alcohol, and offer this as… Read More

There is a chance of icy conditions coming to North Texas in the days ahead. At GreeningLaw, P.C. we see an increase in the number of injury cases during this time due to negligent driving on the icy roads. The American Automobile Association provides the following tips to drivers for safe and non-negligent driving on… Read More

  I had a potential client call me a couple of days ago.  Her husband was in a car accident.  She was at home and had received a call from him from the scene of the accident.  She told me she was headed to the scene, but wanted to know what she should tell her… Read More