Have a Concussion? Watch for These Warning Signs

Have a Concussion? Watch for These Warning Signs

Have a Concussion? Watch for These Warning Signs 1

Maybe you had a little fender bender that shook you up a little. Nothing major, but you did end up hitting your head hard. After the accident, you’re still feeling a little shaky, your head hurts a bit and you conclude you probably have a mild concussion. It’s probably nothing, you think, and dismiss the idea of heading over to the emergency room to get it checked out.

The good news is that health care professionals often describe concussions as being “mild” brain injuries. They are usually caused by a blow of some sort to the head, and are generally not life threatening. In fact, most people recover fully after receiving a concussion, although how quickly they recover depends on a number of different variables.

Even though they’re usually not life threatening, however, concussions can have some serious effects. While there are a number of general signs and symptoms of a concussion, if you suspect you may have a concussion you should also be aware of a number of warning signs which indicate you should seek immediate medical attention.

These warning signs in adults include a worsening, persistent headache, weakness or numbness, reduced coordination, repeated vomiting or nausea and slurred speech. If you suspect your child has suffered a concussion, in addition to the warning signs listed above for adults, other warning signs include continued crying and inability to be consoled, as well as refusal to eat or, in the case of an infant, nurse. People who are taking care of people suffering from a concussion should check here for danger signs indicating when immediate medical attention is necessary.

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