Man Injured in Lithium Battery Explosion from E-Cigarette

Man Injured in Lithium Battery Explosion from E-Cigarette

Man Injured in Lithium Battery Explosion from E-Cigarette 1E-cigarettes have grown in popularity in recent years, and the lithium-battery-powered devices are now stored in the pockets of users across the state of Texas. Despite that explosive growth, however, it is important that manufacturers and suppliers remain vigilant for faulty or defective products that could endanger their customers.

A Texas man suffered serious burn injuries after the lithium battery in his e-cigarette exploded, KTVT-TV reports. The battery, for reasons not explained in the article, began to spark in his pocket. Then it exploded, spreading hot lithium into his crotch and down his thighs and causing serious burns.

The man said he ran into his house and turned on the shower in an attempt to wash the lithium off, but it did not help. Ultimately, he was forced to spend four days in a hospital burn unit for treatment. Pictures taken a month later clearly show widespread scarring and disfigurement on his thighs.

Now, he has filed a lawsuit against the store that sold him the e-cigarette battery. The suit seeks a minimum of one millions dollars in compensation for a wide range of losses, including missed paychecks, medical bills and other losses.

“How did the manufacturer get the product on the shelves at Vixen Vapors?” said the man’s attorney. “You have a duty to protect people and warn people of those dangerous products.”

Indeed, consumer protection is one of the main purposes of a product liability lawsuit. In addition to compensating victims for their losses, product liability lawsuits force manufacturers and retail stores to take a close look at their inventory and ensure that everything sold is safe for use or consumption.


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