Prom Preparation for An Amazing and Safe Evening!

Prom Preparation for An Amazing and Safe Evening!

There is nothing more exciting or more anticipated throughout the school year than Prom Night. It is meant to be a fun filled spectacular event for parents, teens and school faculty to enjoy and celebrate. This amazing evening can be all that everyone is hoping for if a few simple and loving tips are kept in mind and respected by both teens and families.

Your teen and their friends may be particularly adamant about wanting to drive themselves and their friends for Prom night. If you believe that your teen is responsible enough for this experience, then allowing them to do so is well within any parent’s purview. However, before handing over the keys to the family car and giving permission for them to head out on their own, take the time to discuss some of the more important driving safety tips that are not negotiable.

  • All passengers must be wearing a seatbelt
  • Absolutely no drinking or drug use by anyone driving or riding in the car
  • A fully charged cell phone must be in the possession of the driver at all times
  • There is to be no talking, texting or checking email while driving
  • The driving route must be known to the parent of the child driving and every parent whose child is traveling in the car that evening
  • Every teenager’s cell phone must be in the “On” position and answered when a parent calls except for the person behind the wheel
  • If plans change and a destination is either added or subtracted, every teen who is traveling in that car must contact their parent for permission before the car heads off in a new direction.
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If your child will be driven by a professional driver, such as a limousine company or a party van company, be sure to speak to the driver upon their arrival to pick up your children. Make it clear to the driver that no amount of alcohol, drug use or violence is to be tolerated. If at any time any one of the passengers in the vehicle possesses alcohol or drugs or appears to be under the influence of either, or if the behavior in the limousine or the van becomes questionable, a parent is to be notified immediately. Please have more than one parent ready to release their own cell phone and home phone contact information for the drivers’ immediate use in the case of any of these scenarios or any other emergency situation. Be sure that the parents who are turning over this information realize that they are responsible for being alert and ready to respond to any of the above situations immediately. Click here for more information.

In addition to driving issues, Prom Night can create a host of other social situations that teens may find difficult to handle. During the course of the evening there could be pressure to use alcohol or drugs even while not driving, or encouragement to participate in other activities that lack good judgement and could cause a teen to be injured or killed. Remind your child that their safety is your utmost concern. Take the time to sit and talk with them about the pressures to drink, use drugs, have sex, or participate in other activities that could cause them injury or permanent harm.

Remind your child that you too remember the excitement and the joy of this rite of passage. Let them know that you are aware that the purpose of the night is to have fun with their friends. But, in addition, also take the time to tell them that you trust their judgement, you respect their maturity and you have faith that if they find themselves in a difficult situation that they are smart enough to call you for help. Emphatically emphasize that there is nothing that they could possibly be doing that would make you too angry to come and pick them up and take them to safety. Click here for more information.

Keeping these simple ideas and tips in mind will help build the structure for a wonderful and safe Prom Night for your child and for all of the teens who are participating in this amazing event. Then be sure to remain fully present and loving in your child’s moment of celebration and marvel at the beauty and the spirit of your young adult as they embark upon an evening to remember.