Schools In: Keeping Kids Safe On The Bus

Schools In: Keeping Kids Safe On The Bus

busSchool is officially back in session, and that means slowing down in school zones and watching out for kids getting on and off school buses. Unfortunately not every driver is diligent enough to avoid an accident, and injuries involving school buses do occur. We all know how important it is for children to get to and from school safely, and when drivers are unreliable sometimes the best thing a parent can do is to give their kids a few school bus safety tips.

Some things you can do to help make sure your child’s school bus experience is a safe one includes:

  • If your child is young, walk with them to the bus stop in the morning and arrange to have an adult present at afternoon drop off. This will ensure your kids get on and off the bus without running into the street, where the risk of being hit by a car is great.
  • For children that are old enough to get to and from the bus stop without an adult, make sure they know to stay at the stop and away from traffic.
  • Be sure kids are not overloaded with backpacks, books, and school projects when getting on and off the bus. When your children have too much to carry, their hands are not free to use the handrail when going up and down the bus stairs. If possible, send projects to school ahead of the due date, or make plans to drive your kids to school on the days they have a lot to transport. Just be sure the drive is safe, school car lines and parking lots can quickly become congested at peak times, so going a bit early is a good idea.
  • Tell your kids never to cross in front of the bus, and to always wait for the driver to signal the all clear before approaching the bus or walking away from the stop at the end of the day.
  • When crossing behind the bus, be sure the bus has already pulled away and that the roadway is clear.

While taking the bus is typically considered the safest way to get your kids to school and home again, accidents do still happen. Not all drivers pay attention to a stopped bus, and not every driver abides by the speed zone near schools. This type of negligent driving behavior can result in accidents involving buses, and if that happens you should take immediate action to hold the negligent driver responsible. Call our office today to find out more about school bus safety, and what to do in the event of an accident.

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