Some Claim Marijuana is “Safer” than Alcohol—but is that True?

Some Claim Marijuana is “Safer” than Alcohol—but is that True?

Some Claim Marijuana is “Safer” than Alcohol—but is that True? 1

You may have seen multiple news stories of late about the fact that Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana for private use in 2013. The Austin Chronicle also reportsthat a movement is underway to legalize pot in Texas. Many advocates for legalizing marijuana claim that pot is much more “safe” than alcohol, and offer this as one of the reasons that marijuana should be legalized.

Marijuana, however, can leave users seriously impaired, and the consequences can be devastating.

On Monday, March 24 2014, the Dallas Morning News reportedthat Christopher Bynum, 37, is currently in Dallas County jail, accused of causing  a major accident in southwest Dallas Sunday night that resulted in the death of a child.

Dallas police allege that at around 9 p.m. on Sunday, March 23, Bynum was traveling westbound on W. Ledbetter Drive near S. Polk Street in a Dodge Charger at a very high rate of speed. Bynum rear-ended  a Dodge Neon carrying a family of four—a father and three children.

The police report states that the father (the driver) told officers he was in the center lane when he saw Bynum’s car “coming up fast” in his rear-view mirror. The Charger struck the back of the Neon almost as soon as the headlights appeared. The Dodge Neon spun clockwise into a metal guardrail along the north side of Ledbetter Drive.

According to the police report, the impact was so fierce that the back end of the Neon “was pushed all the way forward into the cab.”

One of the children was killed. Another is in critical condition. The father and another child remain hospitalized in serious condition. As of this writing, Dallas Police have not released the names or ages of the victims.

Police say Bynum told officers at the scene that he’d been smoking marijuana and PCP, both of which were found in his car. This was proven via a blood test to which Bynum submitted voluntarily at Parkland Memorial Hospital.

He has been charged with one count of intoxication manslaughter, three counts of intoxication assault and possession of a controlled substance.

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