Tips for Recovering from a Concussion

Tips for Recovering from a Concussion

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, or involved in another type of accident such as a fall, you may have incurred a bump or blow to the head which has resulted in a concussion. Concussions are the most common form of mild traumatic brain injury, and fortunately, most people do recover fully from concussion.

It’s important to understand that everyone recovers from a concussion at his or her own speed. A number of factors are involved, including things like how severe your concussion is, your age and how well you’re taking care of yourself during the recovery period.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a number of tips on getting better after a concussion. They include the following:

·         Getting enough rest and sleep.

·         Avoiding activities which are either physically demanding or mentally demanding.

·         Avoiding contact or recreational sports – you don’t want to risk getting a second concussion on top of the one you already have

·         Stay away from alcohol, which can slow down your recovery.

·         Avoid using the computer or playing video games for long periods of time early during your recovery.

In addition, you should check with your health care professional before you start back with activities such as driving a car or riding a bike, as concussions can cause delays in reaction times. Your health care professional will also be able to advise you when you can return to work, and when you can return to normal activities. Once you’ve been given the okay to return to normal activities, it’s also a good idea to do so gradually.

Concussions are often the unpleasant result of motor vehicle accidents and other types of accidents, but taking care of yourself after you’ve sustained your injury will help you during the recovery process.


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