Truck Tires Could Be Unsafe Over 75 Mph

Truck Tires Could Be Unsafe Over 75 Mph

Truck Tires Could Be Unsafe Over 75 Mph 1When a semi-truck is traveling at high speed, there is literally tons of metal in motion — a force not easily stopped. It is important, therefore, that all the safety features of a big rig, from the tires to the brakes, are always in perfect working order. 

Unfortunately, according to a new report, truck tires may be unstable at high speeds, leading to serious hazards, not only for truckers, but for everyone who shares the road with them. 

In the report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that truck tires are built only to sustain 75 mph speeds — and no more. Speeds above 75 mph can be dangerous. And although most truckers choose to drive below 70, not all truckers follow this guideline. 

Truck drivers who are late for a delivery may choose to go faster than safety allows in an effort to make up time. Under these difficult conditions, which are stressful for both the driver and his or her tires, tragedy can ensue. 

Said one truck driver “At 85 miles an hour, you’re going to be hanging on …You know, you have between 70,000- to 80,000 pounds. And anytime you blow a tire, if that tire comes off and goes through somebody’s windshield there’s going to be an injury


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report is particularly important reading for drivers in Central Texas, where State Highway 130 carries a speed limit of 85 mph. The report specially referenced this route as a high-speed roadway that is often used by truck drivers.


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