Woman Seriously Injured in Accident at Randall’s Foods

Woman Seriously Injured in Accident at Randall’s Foods

When a premises owner invites a visitor onto the property, he or she takes on a certain level of responsibility for that visitor’s well-being. That responsibility includes ensuring that the property is free from hazards, including oil and water puddles, unsafe electrical connections, broken pavement or damaged stairwells. Breaking this responsibility can leave visitors with serious, foreseeable injuries.

According to a Galveston County women, this is exactly what happened when she visited a local supermarket in 2014. The woman was injured on March 1 when she slipped and fell while shopping at a Randall’s Food Market in Galveston. According to the women, the fall was caused by a puddle of water on the floor. 

The woman suffered serious injuries from the fall. She states that she had preexisting medical conditions that were exacerbated by the accident; she now seeks compensation for medical, hospital and pharmaceutical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of past and future wages, mental anguish, disability and impairment.

It is easy to underestimate how devastating a falling accident can be. A fall can result in significant back and neck injuries that are both painful and difficult to treat. Even more serious is the threat of head injuries, which can result in cognitive impairment and disability. These risks are compounded among the elderly, who may have balance difficulties in the first place. 

It is important, then, that premises owners continue to care for the state of their building and quickly respond to hazards. Premises liability lawsuits go a long way towards ensuring that premises owners uphold these responsibilities. 

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