What Is A Physician’s Lien?

What Is A Physician’s Lien?

What Is A Physician’s Lien? 1Most victims of personal injury cases require medical attention, but few are prepared to bear the cost immediately. In order to get you the care you need, physicians often times provide the medical services and then bill you later. For services provided as a result of a car wreck or other accident, physicians may assert a lien on any recovery received by the plaintiff. What this means is that your doctor will assert a right to part of your settlement or jury award, but will wait for payment until you receive the funds.

It is important to remember that when a physician’s lien is placed on your case, it must be paid off, or it will not be released. An unreleased lien has the following impact once the personal injury case is final and closed:

●          Any portion not paid remains due.

●          The plaintiff/patient becomes personally responsible for payment.

●          The healthcare provider has the right to seek repayment from the plaintiff/patient directly, even after the case has settled.

In order to avoid having to pay expenses out of your pocket, especially when you thought the case was over, make sure all liens are released before closing your case. This could require negotiating with the providers for a downward adjustment in the expenses, in exchange for a release of the lien. We have experience seeking these adjustments, which results in final payment to your doctor. When your doctors are paid in full and their liens released, you can relax in knowing your case is final and you will not be required to revisit any of the issues resolved.

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