Can You Sue Someone for Falling on Their Property?

Can You Sue Someone for Falling on Their Property?

The injuries you sustain could go far beyond a skinned knee to include broken bones, significant blood loss or a concussion. The medical bills for tests and treatment could be extensive. And, to make matters worse, you could miss an extended amount of time from work.

If you find yourself or a loved one in such a situation, you may be wondering if you can sue to recover costs. A bad fall may be just bad luck, but it may also be someone else’s responsibility, in which case, you can sue. The key is knowing the difference.

What is a “Slip and Fall?”

In simple terms, a “slip and fall” occurs when you trip, slip or fall on someone else’s property and sustain an injury. These cases generally fall under the category of “premises liability” claims and, for the property owner to be held responsible, there must be at least one dangerous condition present that directly caused the fall. Indoor dangerous conditions may include wet or uneven flooring, torn carpeting, narrow or broken stairs, poor lighting, or the presence of hazards such as unsecured cables and cords.

Dangerous outdoor conditions are similar with regards to lighting at night and broken stairs or walkways, but can also include weather-related hazards. These hazards more often occur in climates where snow and ice can cause very slippery conditions, however, rain may also create problems.

In order to have a compensable case, you must have sustained injuries and suffered financial losses that could be remedied by the courts, including lost wages, medical bills, and temporary or permanent disability accommodations.

Proving Fault

Determining who is legally responsible for your injuries is not an easy task. Each case is unique and hinges on whether the property owner took reasonable care to prevent a slip and fall, or whether you were in some way careless and caused the accident. As discussed above, you must prove that your injuries were caused by the presence of a “dangerous condition.” What is more, the property owner must have been aware of it and failed to act in a timely and appropriate manner to fix the problem.

In addition, the property owner must have been reasonably able to anticipate that the dangerous condition could cause an injury, however, at the same time, it must be a hazard that you could not have reasonably anticipated. We have the responsibility to be aware of our surroundings and avoid obvious dangers, but many are hidden and difficult to avoid if you are unfamiliar with the environment.

Comparative Negligence

In the state of Texas, one of the defenses a property owner can mount in a slip and fall case is that you are, in some way, partially responsible for the accident. If they can prove this in court, it could significantly impact your case and the amount you are awarded, if you are awarded anything at all. Your lawyer will ask questions to help determine whether you need to be concerned. Some examples of shared fault include:

  • You can be proven, through video for example, to have been distracted to what the property owner will argue was an obvious danger. Perhaps you were texting while walking or were walking backwards while talking to a couple of friends.
  • You ventured, perhaps without permission, into an area of the property where visitors were not allowed. It is important to always watch out for signage and not let your curiosity get the better of you.
  • You did not take care to avoid a hazard that was blocked off with caution tape or signs. In other words, the dangerous condition should have been obvious.

Even if you are embarrassed about your role in your injuries, it is important to be honest. Being able to weigh all the facts of the case will help your lawyer come up with the best possible plan of action.

Statute of Limitations

If you or a loved one is injured in a slip and fall accident, it is important to seek legal advice promptly. Texas has a statute of limitations of two years for personal injury in premises liability cases, which means that starting on the date the accident occurred, you have two years to file a case, after which point you will be unable to do so. It may feel overwhelming to consider contacting a lawyer while you are in the middle of a painful recovery, however, it is important to keep that time clock in mind when balancing your need to recuperate and your need to take legal action.

Seek Legal Advice

When you are ready to consider your legal options, contact us for a free consultation. Our team of trusted attorneys at GreeningLaw P.C. will bring their expertise and compassion to the table to work for you. We appreciate that you may need help before you have the money for it, which is why we work strictly on a contingency basis. We do not receive payment unless you are awarded funds. We are here for you. “We fight the legal battle, so you have time for healing and renewal.”

Who Does Grief Counseling for Bereaved Families?

Who Does Grief Counseling for Bereaved Families?

Grief counseling can be beneficial for individuals and families that have lost someone important in their life. When the lost loved one is a parent, child or sibling, it can help to have a professional that can guide you through the grief process, especially when the death is unexpected.

Grief counseling is a specialized field of psychology, geared specifically to helping those who are struggling with grief find the coping skills they need to move on with their lives. Not all therapists, counselors or psychologists may specialize in bereavement counseling, even though most have had some form of training in the area. When trying to find the right grief therapist or counselor for your family, you should consider the different options available to best meet your needs.

Types of Grief Therapists

The title of grief therapist can be applied to many different types of counselors and education levels. A grief psychologist may have more advanced degrees than a therapist or counselor, but both may offer help for those dealing with a loss in their family. To find the right professional for your needs, consider the different types of grief therapists available.

  • Psychologists or Psychotherapists. A grief psychologist or psychotherapist has an advanced degree in psychology. This is often a doctorate in psychology or psychiatry. This is a specialized field; those who are psychiatrists can prescribe medications, as well as offer counseling.
  • Marriage and Family Therapists. For those seeking grief counseling for themselves and their spouse, or for the entire family, a marriage or family therapist may be beneficial. Seek one that specializes in grief counseling, which can help with the larger dynamics of grief within the family or couple dynamic.
  • Social Work Therapists/Counselors. Many social workers or human service workers are trained in grief counseling. These professionals usually work through government agencies, hospitals and other medical facilities, offering counseling for families, including bereavement counseling.
  • Licensed Professional Counselors. When choosing a grief therapist, look for the credentials of a licensed professional counselor. To obtain this designation, the therapist must have undergone graduate work and met certain criteria to receive a counseling license. A licensed grief counselor in Texas is more likely to have advanced education. It is important to choose a licensed counselor who has advanced training in grief counseling.

Therapy and counseling are terms that are often used interchangeably, but they can mean different things when dealing with grief. Grief counseling usually refers to meeting with a professional to work through the stages of grief. On the other hand, grief therapy can involve more in-depth mental health work for those with ongoing issues in their life related to bereavement. For those in the initial stages of grief, counseling can help deal with the emotions you are experiencing.

Finding a Family Grief Counselor

There are many resources to help you find the right grief counselor for you and your family, regardless of your budget. If you have coverage for therapy through your health insurance, this can give you more options, but there are also options for those without insurance or on limited incomes. Here are some resources to help you find grief counseling for you and your family:

  • Non-profit organizations. Organizations like Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas (CBCST) can help families find grief counseling in Texas, even those living outside of “south Texas,” including the Dallas area.
  • Online resource sites. There are many online websites dedicated to matching families with counseling services. Make sure to specify grief counseling in your search criteria and when considering reviews.
  • Department of State Health Services. Your state and local government has resources to connect families with grief counseling services. Some may offer sliding fee scales or help for those with limited incomes.
  • Local hospitals, hospices and medical facilities. Bereavement counseling is available through many medical facilities, including local hospitals, hospices and counseling centers.
  • Churches and outreach programs. Many churches and community outreach programs offer grief therapy for families. Grief centers are designed to offer group therapy for individuals and families, but if you prefer private sessions, seek a licensed grief counselor.

Family Grief Counseling for Wrongful Death

A specific area of grief counseling is for those recovering from the loss of a family member due to wrongful death. This can be more traumatic for families and involves different factors than a death from disease or aging. There are grief counselors who specifically offer counseling or therapy for families who are suffering from the loss of a loved one from wrongful death and can address the unique aspects of this type of tragedy.

Not only can losing a loved one impact your family emotionally, it can have financial implications. If you have lost a loved one due to wrongful death, you may need legal help to explore your financial options as well as grief counseling for your family. Contact our team at Greening Law, P.C. for respectful, caring advice on your legal options if you have lost a family member due to a wrongful death scenario.

Advocate for Immigrants

Advocate for Immigrants

That is a striking number and means that our community here in Dallas is full of immigrants. Here at GreeningLaw, P.C., we have a passion for being an advocate for Immigrants.

Our firm wants to be your number one advocate as an immigrant here in Dallas. We strive to help you through all facets of legal proceedings, and it is our goal to provide legal representation for all people with vigor, honesty, professionalism, integrity, and genuine support.

Our Firm Believes

We are dedicated to representing individuals and families—immigrants included. Our mission is H.O.P.E: Helping Other People Every day. We don’t think any person should be restricted from legal help and strive to help people of all different backgrounds, races, and ethnicities whether you are a documented immigrant or an undocumented alien. It is our philosophy that every person matters and so does every injury and every death. People are people.

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Robert Greening has been serving the Dallas area for over 25 years and is board-certified in dealing with personal injury trial law. Our entire team is very experienced in helping the people of Texas through their legal proceedings and is also extremely involved in our community here in Dallas. We support all different kinds of legal and civic organizations. We are part of the State Bar of Texas, the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, the American Association for Justice, the Dallas Trial Lawyers Association, the Dallas Bar Association, and the Texas State Bar Foundation.

Areas Where We Can Help

As an experienced law firm, we can help immigrants in a variety of ways. We specialize in workplace litigation, auto and trucking accidents, dangerous and defective products, healthcare litigation, premises liability accidents, sexual abuse litigation, and mediation services.

Here is a brief overview of each of our specialties:

  • Workplace litigation means that we can help you as an immigrant with on-the-job injuries, construction accidents, and electrocution and burns, even if you are an undocumented worker.
  • Injuries or death due to a car crash, motorcycle accident, 18-Wheeler and commercial trucking incidents – We help you receive the compensation you and your family deserve, covering your losses now and for the future.
  • Dangerous and defective products harm people and cause injuries all the time. We are well versed in personal injury law that concerns being injuries from an unsafe product.
  • Healthcare litigation includes medical malpractice, as well as pharmacy and nursing home litigation. Some risks are stated during medical procedures, but medical negligence is a different issue altogether. Everyone deserves safe healthcare.
  • Premise liability injuries occur when someone slips and falls, from dog and animal bites and injuries or death due to property owner negligence. We can help you navigate each of these issues with ease and confidence.
  • Sexual abuse litigation requires an attorney with compassion and understanding. You will find that at GreeningLaw.

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First things first, we offer a free consultation to immigrants and all of our clients. We fully comprehend the stress that an accident or death in the family can cause, and we are here to walk you through the process of finding legal help. We are confident that we can help you navigate the confusing legal waters and keep you and your family afloat in the aftermath of losing a family member or sustaining an injury that impacts your quality of life.

Also, please note that if we are unable to recover anything for you in your case, you do not pay us anything at the end of it. We are here to help you, and if we cannot do that, you do not need to pay us.

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We offer a Frequently Asked Questions page, helpful downloads, an e-newsletter and our blog as a resource for all of your questions about being an immigrant and needing legal help! It is our goal to provide you with the most accurate and helpful information so that you know the right questions to ask and when to seek help when you need it. We are also just a phone call away and can help you with any questions you may have.

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